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Five Star Wellness Formula is a cutting edge program
full of specific action items that address health and performance issues while enhancing all aspects of personal empowerment and self-healing.

This program unlocks the secrets from ancient healers and modern science that will elevate your mind and body to its full potential.

 5 Steps to Self-Healing and Personal Empowerment

1. Create the Clear Vision of You

We all know we can be stronger and have more. The question is how?  It all starts with habits and beliefs, and possessing knowledge is the key to unlocking the door to any new experience you desire. The fastest way to do this is to acquire a mentor that already has what you want. Mentors help you clean out the clutter in our minds that holds us back.  Once new perspectives are gained, we can decide with clarity what we want to create. This is the first step towards change.

2. Identify Obstacles & Priorities

As the saying goes, “If you don’t know where you came from you won’t know where you are going.”  Most of us are just to busy to see the effects of our own habits objectively.  With the clarity of vision acquired in step one, we no longer have to be imprisoned by the current reality we are living!  This new vision creates new belief, and with an inner-knowing that there is a path to follow, we become inspired to learn more and move towards our true potential very quickly.

3. Become Empowered with Knowledge

Understanding Science gives you the unfair advantage when it comes to owning your well-being. Conversely, ignoring clincal evidence is a recipe for disaster. As you come to know the exact effects of daily habits or conditions, you will then possess the same power held by those who are living in abundant health and with high-level skill.  The best way to build motivation and desire is by learning new information. Once again, establishing a new truth thru new understanding makes applying new strategies and tactics easy. This systematic approach guarantees attainment of goals and successful outcomes!

4. Follow a Proven System and Address Key Issues

Most of us are too busy and we just don’t have the time to make changes. While this is the case for many people, we also understand the principle of incremental growth. If we put one dollar in a piggy bank for one hundred days-we will have one hundred dollars at the end of the hundred days. Same is true with achieving optimal health and performance. If we invest in ourselves a little bit each day-we will begin to notice significant improvements over time. This is the advantage of having a well-rounded approach as found in the Five Star Wellness Formula.

5. Experience the Result of Your Own Transformation

Knowing you are on your path is a great feeling! We all have the potential to feel amazing and trust that “My body is very healthy.” When we believe this inner truth completely, we automatically attract the best people, situations and things into our lives. This experience occurs best when internal stress is reduced and key positive inputs are introduced. Then the body~mind heals itself organically. This Five Star Wellness Formula lets us move quickly towards our hearts desires and builds tangible momentum towards our biggest goals and dreams. This natural evolution leads us to ultimate health, strength, fulfillment and happiness.

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Current Five Star Testimonials

“Far and away one of the best coaches I’ve every had is Jason Kannon. He possesses a tremendous amount of technical knowledge and a simple and straightforward way of effectively communicating this information which really helped me improve my focus and my mental game. I can honestly and wholeheartedly urge anyone with the opportunity to work with Jason to take it as soon as possible. You will not regret it.”
Dave Rodman
“When I met Jason for the first time, he completely blew my mind! He opened my world to a whole new way of living and taking care of myself. As time passed I was completely astonished by the knowledge and the practical approach he takes regarding health and performance. Most coaches don’t give you half the attention that Jason would show up with. Because of Jason I discovered my voice and for this I am eternally grateful.”
Sydney Condrashoff
“Jason has provided me with very useful tools for improving personal strength and increasing my vitality. The information he exposed me to has been instrumental in supporting both my training and lifestyle choices. Many people will find Jason’s knowledge and sincerity to be very useful.”
Daniel Kanow
“I was referred to Jason Kannon in my pursuit to attain perfect posture and improve performance. Jason pulled me out of the antiquated thought processes and techniques of the weightlifting world and completely retrained my body and mind. He addressed the core of my hormonal and nutritional problems through lab testing and provided me with the tools and skills I needed to completely optimize health and performance! I am forever grateful”
Adrian Heimbach
“Jason Kannon is one of the most influential, inspiring, and knowledgeable health advocates I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and working with to improve my health. I am so blessed to have his guidance and assistance in my healthy future.”
Nicole Peltier
“Jason Kannon has changed my life in every way with his precise holistic coaching and clear delivery of information. I am now snowboarding professionally and I am able to continue progressing in my sport, getting stronger and staying healthy everyday. Thanks again for this amazing gift of self-empowerment!”
Harry Kearney
“We brought our teenage son to Jason because he was suffering from severe psoriasis and allergic reactions. Our family doctor was unable to give him any relief and the symptoms kept getting worse. Through his healing programs Jason was able to figure out the source of the problem and create a protocol to fix it. Our son has now been psoriasis & allergy free for 4 years. His energy has returned and his overall health has improved ten-fold!” Jason is dedicated to helping others and extremely knowledgeable in his field. We are forever grateful!!!!
Nicole and Jared Davis
“I’ve studied and trained Chinese martial arts with Jason for 10+ years. He’s inspiring to practice with, precise, elegant and generous in his teaching. He possesses a deep knowledge about the fundamentals and principles of Chinese healing and martial arts. Training with Jason has been an enormous gift to my health and Tai Chi practice!”
Robin Waters
“Before I started training with Jason I had very little guidance or direction in attaining my career goals. Fast-forward two years later, and my life has changed immensely. Everything I have learned from Jason has impacted my life greatly. Thanks to Jason I am now on the fast-track towards achieving my dreams and full potential as an athlete along with many other improved aspects of my life. Thank you Jason!”
Lucas Foster
“Jason has been conscientious and effective as my holistic health coach. His ability to remember the precise details of my wellness path from month to month has been astounding. He put me on a path that has changed my life for ever. I recommend Jason Kannon to anyone who is in need of healing of any kind”
Joseph Coco
“Meeting Jason has changed and saved my life! A few years ago I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. Doctors told me this was an degenerative disease and there was nothing I should change about my diet or lifestyle? Working with Jason gave me a new understanding of my body and he taught me that I am capable activating my own self-healing powers! I have lost more weight than I ever knew was possible and have recently completed a comprehensive health coaching program.”
Rather Hosch
“I came to Jason because I was struggling with low energy, digestive problems and mood issues related to PMS. After following his coaching for just 3 months I saw huge results! I would highly recommend Jason and his programs for any health issue. He was more helpful and thorough than any doctor I went to for the same issues.”
Katie Hunsberger
Jason is an incredible coach with extensive knowledge. At the beginning of our relationship he said this would change my life. This statement proved true! He taught me how to strengthen my mind and body thru personalized training that was specific to my individual strengths and weaknesses.
Yoshi Kohlwes